4 Great Health Benefits of Zumba

zumba photo
Photo by JBLM MWR Marketing

Workouts can sometimes feel like a chore, but with Zumba, a workout doesn’t have to feel like a workout let alone a chore. Zumba is a fun, social experience and exercise is just one of the perks. It is a fast-paced, upbeat and infectious exercise that keeps everyone moving. Because it takes place in a group, Zumba is one of the best ways to get all of your friends in on this exercise routine.

One of the best benefits is that it is a mind booster. It is the ideal workout to take all of your stress that you accumulate and just dance it out. The music is so upbeat and the moves are so energetic that your brain releases its mood boosting endorphins. Join and Zumba class, and you will see your worries disappear as you lose yourself in the moves and the music.

Zumba is also a social experience. This is also a health benefit because you get to meet and become friends with interesting people You can go to Zumba a few times a week and before you know it you have a whole new group of Zumba friends. Instructors often host Zumba parties for corporations, bachelorette parties, birthday parties and more.

The anaerobic benefits are what really improve your health. As the music plays fast, you have to keep up to the beat. This builds up your endurance and it only takes a few workouts to do this. It is a great way to maintain excellent cardiovascular health and it increases how much oxygen you can breathe during each high-intensity class.

One other great health benefit of doing Zumba is improving your coordination. You have to think about many of the moves as you learn them but once you do, you will have better coordination which is important to have as you age.