Health Benefits Dancing Has To Offer

dancing photo
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Not many people understand the negative effect their posture can have on their health. Hours of sitting behind computers at work or home have left many of us with a weak lower spine and rounded and hunched shoulders. This not only damages the spine and causes back ache, but it also inhibits proper breathing, may lead to increased stress levels and can have adverse effects on your confidence – did you know that your body language and posture can inform your mental state?

However, to be a good dancer, you have to consider your posture since most dance moves require that your shoulders be rolled back, and your chest and chin lifted up. Constantly remembering to straighten up can ultimately have a positive impact on your posture; something that may lead to a healthier, balanced musculature as well as improved breathing and no back pain!

Better Flexibility

Dance demands flexibility since this is required for most of the high kicks and similar, rather flamboyant moves involved in dancing. The good thing is that a majority of dance classes incorporate prolonged warm-up sessions that include lots of stretching.

By improving flexibility, you not only boost your athletic performance, but you also make it harder for you to suffer from a range of injuries. If your interest is in building muscle by going to a gym, you will be interested to know that flexibility exercises offered in dance classes can improve your range of motion leading to fuller-looking muscles.

Improved Moods

Finally, dancing is one of the best ways to improve your moods, and the health benefits presented cannot be underrated. Just like any other form of exercise, dancing will not only help boost the production of natural antidepressants such as endorphins, but it is also fun. Considering that dance is something you do with a partner, it is also an excellent way to build closer and stronger relationships while developing well-toned, athletic bodies.