Losing Weight And Improving Your Health With Dancing

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When you are trying to find a way to lose weight that will also be fun and energizing, you will see that dancing makes for an excellent option.

Many people have struggles when trying to lose weight, as you have to try to cut out a lot of the things that you love out of your diet. You also embark on long exercise routines and try to be strict in many ways to get results. Many people feel as if they are not losing weight fast enough when going through with regular diet and exercise regimes, which is why they will often push themselves too hard. Many of these dieters will fall off the wagon and give up on their efforts, only to turn to a new plan to lose weight and start in on the cycle all over again. The alternative outcome often includes working too hard and sometimes becoming injured as a result. You can never go from no exercise to intense moves and expect it to end well.

On the other hand, dance is something that can be fun, social, and something that you enjoy doing. You can go to dance classes to learn new moves and have fun, yet you are moving at the same time to enjoy regular exercise on a weekly basis. The result will be great weight loss while you are burning calories in each class, and you will have a notable boost in energy so that you can build up resistance to injury. As a whole, you will become more fit and if you end up doing additional exercises on top of the dance classes, you will find it to be more successful and you can lose weight a lot faster and steadier.

Many people tend to struggle for months while involved in the wrong weight loss program. Instead of being lost in an endless diet and exercise cycle, dance can help you to become more toned, have more energy and successfully watch the pounds melt away.

Dancing To Get Fit And Stay Healthy

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Dancing is a fun activity that you can enjoy alone and with friends. It offers numerous fitness and health benefits when it is done as a form of exercise.

Why Is Dancing Good For You?

People who love dancing have endless praises for it as an activity that they regularly do to boost their cardiovascular fitness. Dancing usually amps up your brain power and increases your overall well-being.

Dancing is all about movements that range from the slow and the fast. It can leave you feeling breathless depending on how fast the dance is, and such movements can burn calories. Fast dancing is a great cardiovascular workout.

A study on the effects of dance on people recovering from heart problems found that waltzing for around 20 minutes three time a week increased their heart rate more than regular exercises. It was also found that waltzing safely improved the overall anaerobic and VO2 threshold.

Another study on ballet dancing found that the dancers’ bodies endured a particular loading while dancing that boosted their significant bone strength in comparison to people who do not dance.

Below are a few dance styles that are a top workout choice.

For Weight Loss: Zumba

Zumba classes are an excellent choice for an activity that is consistently intense. The dance is characterized by a pace that can burn up to 250 calories when done for more than thirty minutes. Zumba is fun and easy to pick up.

For Strength: Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is a dance that comprises a string of gymnastic exercises centered about the body weight. The dance works all muscle groups, and the various dancing routines give a full-body workout that strengthens the muscles and the body as a whole, both physically and mentally.

For Team Players: Swing

Swing is a dance between two, so you should pair up with a buddy for the swing classes. As a workout, swing builds your motivation since you have another person encouraging you. It is a social activity with some significant physical contact that helps release stress that may have a negative impact on your weight loss ambitions.

Health Benefits Dancing Has To Offer

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Not many people understand the negative effect their posture can have on their health. Hours of sitting behind computers at work or home have left many of us with a weak lower spine and rounded and hunched shoulders. This not only damages the spine and causes back ache, but it also inhibits proper breathing, may lead to increased stress levels and can have adverse effects on your confidence – did you know that your body language and posture can inform your mental state?

However, to be a good dancer, you have to consider your posture since most dance moves require that your shoulders be rolled back, and your chest and chin lifted up. Constantly remembering to straighten up can ultimately have a positive impact on your posture; something that may lead to a healthier, balanced musculature as well as improved breathing and no back pain!

Better Flexibility

Dance demands flexibility since this is required for most of the high kicks and similar, rather flamboyant moves involved in dancing. The good thing is that a majority of dance classes incorporate prolonged warm-up sessions that include lots of stretching.

By improving flexibility, you not only boost your athletic performance, but you also make it harder for you to suffer from a range of injuries. If your interest is in building muscle by going to a gym, you will be interested to know that flexibility exercises offered in dance classes can improve your range of motion leading to fuller-looking muscles.

Improved Moods

Finally, dancing is one of the best ways to improve your moods, and the health benefits presented cannot be underrated. Just like any other form of exercise, dancing will not only help boost the production of natural antidepressants such as endorphins, but it is also fun. Considering that dance is something you do with a partner, it is also an excellent way to build closer and stronger relationships while developing well-toned, athletic bodies.

Real Men Are Discovering Ballroom Dancing: So Should You

There is no excuse for continuing to belief the myth that ballroom dancing is somehow “unmanly,” and anyone who still promotes this idea is either been living with their head in the sand, or using it as an excuse to avoid facing their own fears.

Take Emmitt Smith, for example.  Who could possibly argue that he’s not a “man’s man?” The former Superbowl Champion with the Dallas Cowboys, waltzed his way to winning the Mirror Ball Trophy from the popular ABC reality show, “Dancing with the Stars.”

I’m so proud of Emmitt Smith for shattering the stereotypes. There’s certainly no question about his virility or his undeniable confidence in himself to win under any circumstance. He wasn’t afraid to make himself vulnerable, to venture into unfamiliar territory, and he did it all on national television in front of millions of people. He answered once and for all the age old question: what sort of guy would learn to ballroom dance? A real man, that’s who!

I’ve heard all the excuses that men use to get out of taking ballroom dancing lessons when their wives and girlfriends ask them too. “Dancing is for sissies…I’ll look bad…It costs too much…I don’t have time to spend learning something like ballroom dancing…I’ve got two left feet…and so on and so forth. The excuse they come up with really makes very little difference, what they’re really saying is that they’re afraid to make themselves uncomfortable. It’s very sad that fear is what would stand in the way of a man experiencing more in life.

Based upon my experience with ballroom dancing, there really isn’t a good excuse to refuse to learn. I’ve seen amputees on the ballroom dance floor. I’ve watched heavily tattooed, rough-looking men dance gracefully across the floor with their partners. The same is true of obese men and computer nerds. I’ve personally known men that grew to love dancing so much that they took odd jobs for the extra money to continue their lessons. I’ve even watched men who entering the studio for the first time, doing nothing to hide their disgust, develop into great dancers, one even going on to become an outstanding instructor. How much would these men have missed out on had they not pushed their fears to the side, and gave it an honest effort?

There are so many legitimate things to be fearful of in the world, but dancing isn’t one of them. Open your mind to new possibilities. You may be shocked about all the benefits that you’ll gain.

Why Salsa Dancing Is A Great Social Experience

Are you looking for ways to widen your horizons? Unfortunately, it can be hard to make new friends as an adult. Bars aren’t exactly the best place to meet people. You may struggle to find people you connect with at the grocery store or a local church. That’s why you should give dancing a try! Dancing is an inherently social activity. Dancing allows you to mingle with new people in a fresh and fun environment. If you start dancing, you’ll be able to meet people and have an amazing time.

If you’ve ever been to a salsa club, you know that there are all kinds of people in attendance. From teens to older couples, you’ll find people from all walks of life here. It’s hard for people to resist the catchy beats of salsa music or the feeling you get when you hit the dance floor. Going out dancing can actually be pretty addicting!

If you’ve never gone salsa dancing before, you may feel too intimidated to hit your local club. Luckily, www.salsadancedvd.com will teach you all of the basic steps. If you practice these DVDs, you’ll be ready to start dancing in no time. The environment at your average salsa club is friendly and inviting. There are plenty of people there that will help you practice your steps. Even if you’re a total novice, you should have an amazing time out. There’s a good chance that someone there will ask you to dance. It’s okay if you’re not a great dancer yet. People will still be friendly to you. You won’t get that kind of experience at a bar!

There are only a few steps you’ll have to master if you want to start salsa dancing.

You’ll want to start by stepping forward with your right foot. You’ll step back, complete a scissor kick step, and then step back with your right foot once more. While you’ll switch between stepping with your right and your left feet, you’ll always be following the same basic pattern. It’ll be easier for you to understand the steps if you head to www.salsadancedvd.com and check out the videos there. You can learn more once you see how it’s done.

Salsa dancing isn’t something to be afraid of! If you relax and move your hips, you’re sure to have a wonderful time. You’ll be able to meet lots of great people, even if you’re dancing like no one else is watching.