Real Men Are Discovering Ballroom Dancing: So Should You

There is no excuse for continuing to belief the myth that ballroom dancing is somehow “unmanly,” and anyone who still promotes this idea is either been living with their head in the sand, or using it as an excuse to avoid facing their own fears.

Take Emmitt Smith, for example.  Who could possibly argue that he’s not a “man’s man?” The former Superbowl Champion with the Dallas Cowboys, waltzed his way to winning the Mirror Ball Trophy from the popular ABC reality show, “Dancing with the Stars.”

I’m so proud of Emmitt Smith for shattering the stereotypes. There’s certainly no question about his virility or his undeniable confidence in himself to win under any circumstance. He wasn’t afraid to make himself vulnerable, to venture into unfamiliar territory, and he did it all on national television in front of millions of people. He answered once and for all the age old question: what sort of guy would learn to ballroom dance? A real man, that’s who!

I’ve heard all the excuses that men use to get out of taking ballroom dancing lessons when their wives and girlfriends ask them too. “Dancing is for sissies…I’ll look bad…It costs too much…I don’t have time to spend learning something like ballroom dancing…I’ve got two left feet…and so on and so forth. The excuse they come up with really makes very little difference, what they’re really saying is that they’re afraid to make themselves uncomfortable. It’s very sad that fear is what would stand in the way of a man experiencing more in life.

Based upon my experience with ballroom dancing, there really isn’t a good excuse to refuse to learn. I’ve seen amputees on the ballroom dance floor. I’ve watched heavily tattooed, rough-looking men dance gracefully across the floor with their partners. The same is true of obese men and computer nerds. I’ve personally known men that grew to love dancing so much that they took odd jobs for the extra money to continue their lessons. I’ve even watched men who entering the studio for the first time, doing nothing to hide their disgust, develop into great dancers, one even going on to become an outstanding instructor. How much would these men have missed out on had they not pushed their fears to the side, and gave it an honest effort?

There are so many legitimate things to be fearful of in the world, but dancing isn’t one of them. Open your mind to new possibilities. You may be shocked about all the benefits that you’ll gain.