Dancing To Get Fit And Stay Healthy

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Dancing is a fun activity that you can enjoy alone and with friends. It offers numerous fitness and health benefits when it is done as a form of exercise.

Why Is Dancing Good For You?

People who love dancing have endless praises for it as an activity that they regularly do to boost their cardiovascular fitness. Dancing usually amps up your brain power and increases your overall well-being.

Dancing is all about movements that range from the slow and the fast. It can leave you feeling breathless depending on how fast the dance is, and such movements can burn calories. Fast dancing is a great cardiovascular workout.

A study on the effects of dance on people recovering from heart problems found that waltzing for around 20 minutes three time a week increased their heart rate more than regular exercises. It was also found that waltzing safely improved the overall anaerobic and VO2 threshold.

Another study on ballet dancing found that the dancers’ bodies endured a particular loading while dancing that boosted their significant bone strength in comparison to people who do not dance.

Below are a few dance styles that are a top workout choice.

For Weight Loss: Zumba

Zumba classes are an excellent choice for an activity that is consistently intense. The dance is characterized by a pace that can burn up to 250 calories when done for more than thirty minutes. Zumba is fun and easy to pick up.

For Strength: Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is a dance that comprises a string of gymnastic exercises centered about the body weight. The dance works all muscle groups, and the various dancing routines give a full-body workout that strengthens the muscles and the body as a whole, both physically and mentally.

For Team Players: Swing

Swing is a dance between two, so you should pair up with a buddy for the swing classes. As a workout, swing builds your motivation since you have another person encouraging you. It is a social activity with some significant physical contact that helps release stress that may have a negative impact on your weight loss ambitions.

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